2010 March

Mary and Jude spent 9 days with us on the Gold Coast. During that time we did some fishing, went to the theatre, out to dinner a couple of times, had a few drinks and generally they had a nice lazy time. Jude kept waking up early as of course the sun was still up before 5.00 AM each day and I had to work so they took themselves out and about in the car when they wanted to.

Gai also kept reminding us that on her 50th birthday no pictures of her were taken so I got an ice cream and candles for her and guess what - we took some photos.

Jude arrives at
the airport.

Mary didn't want
her picture taken.

Clive telling Jude the
finer points of curry making.

Clive getting the
ironing done.

Mary & Jude made me
some more pickle.

Clive takes a
grand dad nap.

Who are you
smiling at Gai ?.

Jude tries out
the SLR camera.

Yep - a picture
of himself.

This is how
it looked.

Clive shows him
how it is done.

The lorikeets in
next door's tree.

The rubber plant
was in flower.

This baby magpie kept
coming for a feed.

Clive searches
for a pan.

Gai prepares to
make the mornay sauce.

Put that knife
down Clive.

Gai prepares
the lobsters.

Clive helps

Now Gai has
the knife. Gulp !

Gai stirs
the sauce.

Clive's turn
for stirring.

His chef hat to
keep the heat off.

It's all
coming together.

6 meals. Food for Michael
and Stevie also.

We used our new placemats
from Norfolf Island.

The waters of
Emily Bay.

A lone pine is
in the foreground.

Gai getting into her
half a lobster.

Mary & Jude ate a
whole one each.

Jude certainly enjoyed
his one.

Now for
some salad.

Stevie and Michael
get into theirs.


Michael takes
a mouthful.

Something funny
Stevie ?.

Clive's turn to
take photos.

Jude & I were trying
to catch her eating.

Michael discovered
games on teh PDA.


Mary & Jude
video phone home.

Clive waits for
his turn.

Michael won
a few games.

Mary's favourite
past time.

showing off.

Who took that
photo of me.

Who's toe
could this be ?.

clues ?.

Clive unwraps his
birthday present.

A beer

Thank you
Mary & Jude.

Clive has his
birthday cake.

Chance for Gai's
50th photos.

Happy 50th

It's an ice
cream cake.

Gai cuts
her cake.

It had to go
into 6 pieces.