2010 Home Page

We thought that we would take mum out for a nice meal and so chose a Japanese restaurant. You should have seen the look on her face when we got there as we did not tell her what sort of food or restaurant she would be going to. All we told her was that there would be no poker machines there. She really enjoyed the food and we had a great time.

Also a brief visit and walk around the Botanic Gardens.

Michael & Stevie joined us
for a meal at the Tavern.

Mum poses for a photo
outside the restaurant.

Clive and

Our Chef is cooking
the vegetables.

Now it's time for
the fried rice.

Gai watches
on intently.

Gai for the target for
cutting up the egg.

The Chef was
madly chopping away.

Gai was trying to dodge
the egg in fits of laughter.

These are some bits
that missed her.

A photo of
us all.

They always finish
with a message.

Their garlic bread
is delicious.

Mum at the
Botanic Gardens.

Time for a photo
of mum and Clive.

Now this is a
better one.

The three of us
in the Gardens.

Clive's vegetables are
growing really well.

Our fish for this year's
breeding program.

A venue Alister and Crystal
looked at for their wedding.

Recent rains have made
for plenty of water.

It's a one lane
bridge to cross.

Kiara is really
mobile now.