2010 October Home Page

It's Alister's birthday and we are going out for Japanese at the Shogun Restaurant. Kiara is almost walking and we bought her some new toys. The first was a walker that Alister put together and the other was a turtle. Whilst Alister was putting the toy together Kiara hada lot of fun playing in the box that it came in.

We also managed to buy an old photograph by WHH Muchamore. This was taken in 1932 and was acquired from Scotland. I found a frame site in Brisbane and ordered the frame. The picture now hangs proudly with the other two that we have from 1934.

Now Grand Dad listen
to what you are being told.

This is how you
push the shapes in.

OK. I can see what
is going on now.

Lots of people
looking at me.

I can hide
in this box.

Nanna Gai thinks
this is fun.

It was almost a
carton job.

Oops. I've dropped
the hammer.

Finally my walker
is all ready.

WOW. Look at
me go.

This is what I need
to get mobile.

And it converts into
a car too. Grat fun.

Come out from behind
the couch Kiara.

Mr Turtle has
lost his head.

Japanese..Now what
shall we eat.

Kiara learns to
use chop sticks.

Kiara had her
own high chair.

Alister and



Our Chef prepares
the fried rice.

Teppanyaki cooking
is such fun.

A message for

Crystal,Kiara and Alister
in the Japanese Garden.



Stevie notices
an award.

Kiara, Michael and
Stevie's turn.


The original photo
by WHH Muchamore.

The back has stickers
from Art Exhibitions.

The frame
is all made.

Xmas Fare
Taken in 1932.

I cut a hole so the
back panel could be read.