2010 October Home Page

Mum came up for a visit for 10 days. During this time Michael & Stevie took her to the Nerang RSL and Crystal & Alister took her to the Casino. She also went to the Tavern over the road a few times and not just to play the pokies. Meanwhile we had to look after Kiara and she decided to go fishing and play with some water.

Now Nanna Gai what
does this do ?.

The red door

And what does
this do.

The world looks
different from this level.

I have one of Nanna Gai's
special biscuits.

This concrete is a
bit rough on my feet.

Now what can
I do now ?.

I can't quite
reach this.

Try the hand in
the water approach.

The fishes are
coming to get me.

I seem to
be getting wet.

Ahh.. Now I know
what to do.

Big splash
coming up.

Uncle Michael visits
during a work break.

My dress
is drying.

Hi Stevie..where
are you ?.

It's pat a
cake time.

See how well
I can spell.

Food time with
Grand Dad.

These Soy Chips
are nice.

Come to

More pat a
cake time.