2011 Home Page

I've run out of pickle so I need to make some more as buying the Pataks is getting expensive plus the supermarkets do not have it all the time. So down to Cocos as Brenjals are out cheap and then on with the job.

We visit the Gold Coast train expo and I cut the top off next doors tree as it is damaging the fence.

Not a lot of
branches left here.

This is the second load
I have cut off.

Roast Duck and Orange
sauce for tea.

Clive resting

One of the
many layouts.

A lego


Gypsy likes to test all
the blankets I make.

Clive cutting chicken. The
barrier is for the cat !.

Here is all
the ingredients.

That's the spices
all mixed.


Brenjals sliced, ready
to be cooked.

Mixing it
all together.

20 odd jars