2011 Home Page

Michael, Thommo and Clive decide to go fishing. All they get for their efforts is one big mud crab and a very sore finger for Clive as the crab bit him. He had the last laugh though as this one ended up in the pot - and very nice it was too. This was the last time he would take Veronica out as she was then sold and has gone to a new family.

Michael came over and helped Gai put the Christmas tree up. If he had drunk less beer it would have probably been done sooner, but never the less it all came together.

Off to Ipswich for Kiara's second birthday and we got her a slide to play on. She loved it and had a ball in between her jumping castle and the slide. As you can see our trained Forces were trying to assemble it = but this had to be completed later and corrected by non-military personnel.

The kids came around for Christmas dinner and stayed the night. A good time was had by all. With Clive now on holidays he needed something to do and with Veronica gone the side of the house is now wide open. A trip to Bunnings and a day later we have a smart looking fence and gate.

The crab was put
in with the drinks.

His claw
came off.

Into the
pot you go.

Fresh cooked
crab. Delicious

A present
from Gypsy.

Gai and Michael
start on the tree.

What are the
scissors for Gai ?.

Gypsy guards
the bedroom.

being naughty.

He needs a drink
after all that work.

Now for
the lights.



Seems to be
lots of lights.




One fruit platter
for the party.

Getting into the
jumping castle.

I'm the
birthday girl.

I can
jump too.

Wrong way
up the slide.

Our Forces
hard at work.

Watch me
jump daddy.

Here I

Not much progress
so far.

Out the
side door.



My slide is
finally together.

I go.


Look mum
no hands.

Finally at
the bottom.

another go.





This is




Opening some
more presents.

Rip..and then
drop the paper.

This is a
tough bit.



A wooden
train set.

This is fun and
I can count too.

Lots of

Presents under
the tree.


Get out of
the fridge Clive.

Clive gets
a book.

On his "Train Driver
For A Day Experience".

Train calendar
from the Pommies.

Gai with some
of her presents.

It's a blue
hanging watch.

Gai checks out
Clive's book.

Kiara and
her books.


Uncle Michael is
so silly at times.

Look Nanna Gai -
books like you have.


Gai puts
her feet up.

A vacant space now
and fencing in the trailer.

Gai watches

like this ?.

Gate post
cemented in.

Gate hangs properly
and fence cut to size.

Fence now in place
and light on pole.

Gate latch added
- now finished.