2011 Home Page

Well after the 3 days in Melbourne mum flew back with us to the Gold Coast for a holiday for 10 days. Sadly she had to fly with us in the economy section - not the premium economy that she flew to Melbourne with.

Alister & Crystal brought Kiara down so Nan could see her and Nan being naught taught her how to get through the cat door. Kiara also had a ball playing in the pond.

Michael came with us to the airport to make sure that Nan actually left and had fun pushing her around in the wheel chair. Nan had already booked her bed for Feb 2012 when the wedding of Crystal & Alister is on.

Michael dropped in
after his hair cut.

Gai watching
Sunny Boy.

Nan sleeping
on the job.

Gypsy is
going grey.

Kiara loves
the pond.


Now how does
this work ?.

My head
fits through.

I can
see you.


Michael brought
Gai some flowers.





Clive at work
in the kitchen.

Gai's camera.


Caught with
a beer.

Gypsy enjoying
her tea.

on her bed.

My framed picture
from the Rilaway.

Gypsy gets her
nightly tickle.


Who is
cute ?.

Nan gets
a cuddle.

Crystal, Kiara
and Nan.


Alister, Crystal
and Kiara.




Nan gets the
teddy bear.

Gai reads
to Kiara.


Kiara asleep
and moving.


Gai's flower
garden looks good.

Playing with
her camera.


The tomatoes
and chilli plants.

I'm going home -
so there !!!.

Nan waiting
by the stairs.

Bringing her

She's at
the top.