2012 Home Page

Well this has been one of the wettest January's on record. Springbrook has had over 670mm of rain and we've had more than 400mm here.

Consequently we have not done a lot this month - just tried to stay dry and it has also not been very hot either thanks to the rain. I decided to plant the Bromeliads into the garden out the back and on a trip to Ipswich I saw some more potted ones fo only $5.00 each, so bought a few to finish off the garden. Well part of the garden as I'm not allowed to have it all as Gypsy must have some of it.

Sunny Boy cuddling
into his mirror.

See the
way he sits.

Gai testing
her new camera.


Planting gets

All of the current
plants in.


Two additions
from Ipswich.


Gai reading
enjoying lunch.


A cheeky
tree frog.

One of the
smaller ones.

This lizard was over
15 inches long.

Nerang boat ramp
was nearly under water.

This bird had
caught a fish.

A lizard watching
the river.

Down goes
the fish.

Michael bought
Kiara a top.


A cat down the
road resting.

Flood waters
along my walk.