2012 Home Page

Mum was still visiting so we thought a quick trip to the Hinze Dam would be good. We have not been up there since they decided to raise the wall by 15M. This effectively doubled the capacity of the dam.

They have built a new information centre and also plenty of walking paths, something to explore on another day when there is the chance to do some of the walks. It also appears that you can no longer drive along the wall.

View of the wall
from the first car park.

Pocket Park.
You are here.

Mum enjoys
the view.

The new

Looking towards
the pump station.

Lots of new
roads to explore.

The new
stepped spillway.

Designed to help protect
fish etc. that go over the wall.


View from the new
Information area.

Mum enjoys
an ice cream.

A cute
pond area.



Visitor Centre

The kiosk is in
and to the left.

Clive in his
Fijian outfit.

Showing a
bit of leg.

Flowers from Michael
for Gai's birthday.