2012 Home Page

A visit to Ipswich to see Allyssa, Kiara and Crystal. Alister slept through the visit as he worked the night before and as was asleep when I got there. I had a lovely time with having to read Kiara some books that we gave her and also fun feeding Allyssa.

Out in the garden to play on the swing and when we came back inside Allyssa was fast asleep.

Time to head back home with a stop via Yatala Pie Shop for Gai.

Got you Gai.

One of my Bromeliads
in flower.

Allyssa enjoying
her swing.


Kiara enjoying
her books.

Allyssa trying
to crawl.

Kiara encouraging her...
with the Vegemite face.

Not a lot seems
to be happening.


I can go around
in circles.


OK. I can see more
this way up.




Push me
Grand dad.

I gave up waiting
for you to return.

Kiara's hands
and feet.

Allyssa's hands
and feet.