2013 Home Page

It's been a long wet summer again. Typical Queensland weather with barely a dry day. It's time for a visit from mum, so that she can see her new great grand daughter, Allyssa, and we can also spend some time with her. Clive had planned to take some time off work to take mum out - but the weather was not kind in this department.

We had planned for a day trip to Brisbane on a boat, but it rained all day, but we did manage to get out for a few smaller trips over the 3 weeks that mum was here.

Clive perfecting a
coffe for Gai.

Gypsy enjoys her
evening tickles.

Note the dusty
grey she is now.

Everyone is off the plane
excpet mum.

Getting the
lift in place.

The old
cheese arrives.


Now where is
a dry wheel chair ?.


We'll walk slowly.
Only some rain drops.

The freight yard
taking shape.

The modified
passenger yard.


Crystal and




A smile
for grandad.



Now I can sit
with my great Nan.


Allyssa discovers
the pond.

Thsi is wet.
Let's splash.

Kiara and Allyssa
playing inside.