2013 Home Page

The January rains arrive and thanks to cyclone Oswald there is flooding in North Queensland. Floods also hit Brisbane and we have local flooding on the Gold Coast.

Clive decided that he needed to start working on his train project - purely for his grand daughters of course - so it was designing a layout on the computer and then onto EBay to buy bits and pieces. Then to Bunnings for some timber for the bases and he was off and running. The layout has been changed a few times since and it's only been going for a few weeks, but it appears to be coming together and he should have a working layout by the time Nan visits.

Mudgeeraba Creek over flows
onto Hardy's Road.

This is normally
a car park.


Heading west on
Franklin Drive.

The other side of the
road is under water.


The boat ramp
near work.

This tree took out the
power to the office.

Tide levels
back to normal.

Timber for
the baseboard.

Checking that
it all fits.

First section


Base layout
all done.



Some trains just
for show.



Rough design of
the finished layout.



Track starting to
get laid.


Gai decides it all
needs moving.

Up under the
window now.

Half of it
now moved.

Just the end
section to go.

Done - all up
off the ground.

Clive laying

Getting out
from the middle.


The outside
loop is completed.

Starting the
inside loop.


Carriages holding yard
soon to be changed.

Extending the
holding yard.

The turn out
point moved.

Joined back
up again.


Working continues on
the inner loop.