2013 Home Page

Since mum took back 4 jars of pickle to Adelaide I now only have 2 left. Time to make some more and as luck would have it I managed to get brenjals for $2.99 a kilo - great price.

A quick trip to Ipswich to see the grand kids and also managed to install a new hot plate and oven at Michael's.

Kiara has some
new slippers.

Dancing in
the slippers.

Now we're getting
into the dance.

Allyssa tries out
the walker.

Look at
me now.


Gypsy asleep
on our bed.

Saying hello to
her bear friends.

She's getting

Mother's Day
flowers for Gai.


Time to start
cooking the brenjals.


The spices all
mixed and waiting.


Stocks are
back up again.

Is that a bald
patch starting MPM ?.

Fresh prawns
for our baby.

Time for some
beer appreciation.

The cook top's
new housing.

Michael's new