2013 Home Page

Poor Gypsy's fur is getting very matted and tangled. We've tried brushing it but not having much success. So it's off to the vet for her and she was so good. Sat in the car quietly all the way there and home again. She looks a bit like a checker board, but her fur will grow back and she's washing herself there too now.

Denzil was up for the Australiasian Championships and I picked him up and we went up to Ipswich to see the girls. Alister had to work on his birthday and also when we were there, but we had some laughter from Kiara and a smile or two from Allyssa.

Can you spot
my bald patches ?.

Some on the left
and some on the right.



Look at this
big patch.

Waiting by the door for
daddy to come back.

A black cat and
a white cat.

Allyssa is walking
well now.

Smile for

Kiara was dancing
with her maracca.


Teaching Kiara to
balance things on her head.

Denzil doing what he
does best. Feet up and drinking.