2013 Home Page

Michael decided to buy a shed - well a half shed to put his tools in. He also bought some pavers and did a good job laying them in the corner for the base. The shed was a put it together by numbers job and once all the sides were done it was just a question of adding the roof and door. We also mounted the drip tray on his beer fridge.

Back to the railway and time to put the turn table in that I had bought many months earlier. So I cut out a hole for it and mounted it in. Added some rails for the engines and then as the last slide shows, the engines are too long for this unit. So back to selling it on EBay and I bought the larger Hornby unit.

Putting together the
sides and back.


Michael did a good
job with these.

Michael fixes the
last panel and door.

All together and now
to add the roof.

Roof added and
all finished.

Beer tray

It will go
about here.

Some new books
for Gai.

Hole cut and
bracing in place.

Turn table

Rails added
for the engines.

Engiines added.
Looking good.

Big FAIL!!!
Time for plan B.