2014 Home Page

Well another year has passed. One wonders where the time is going.

With Michael off at the mines working I had to put the tree up myself..At least a few beers to get the job done.

I planted some sunflower seeds in the hope they would grow as a tribute to a friend I went to school with who's wife died of breast cancer. Well a few grew and only two survived as the others were eaten by little green hoppers. The back garden where the bromeliads are is getting over taken with them, so a wheel barrow full of them got transplanted out the front with the two sun flowers.

After Christmas a trip to Ipswich to catch up with Kiara for her birthday and the family for Christmas.

A picture of
the girls.

Time to put
up the tree.


Flowers for
Gai from Michael.


Making some more
space for Gypsy.


A wheel barrow
full for the front.

Time to do
some gardening.

All planted
and mulched.

Another treat for
our baby.

Prawns and salad
for lunch.

for Gai.

Clive gets a
special card.

And a real
meerkat picture.

Safely on
the wall.

Kiara's birthday


Allyssa struggles
with her present.



Finally getting
this paper off.

Allyssa gets a book
& Kiara a big 5 card.

Money from
Nan in Adelaide.

Now for the
Christmas presents.

Paper was
going everywhere.

Little bricks &
big bricks.

Kiara putting her
people together.

Two people
all done.

Crystal helps
Allyssa with her castle.

Alister & Kiara
building her shop.

Kiara wearing
her crown.

An hour later
the shop is completed.


The sun flower
starts to bud up.






This opened on
Christams day.


Both open on
Boxing day.

This flower is
nine inches across.

Heaps more
buds growing.