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So we've arranged for mum to come up again for a few weeks as it's a year since we last saw her. Gai has been 'wired' for over 10 days and recently had this trial removed so she won't be going to far from the house.

Still mum likes to sit and read a lot and the difference in her daily routine is very relaxing for her. She even managed to sleep in a few days until after 8.30AM and had a few late nights with us as well.

A trip to Robina to buy some books and also some new clothes and then back again to buy more clothes for mum to take back was the order. Mum went to several Masses as she normally does - both on Sundays and Thursday nights.

We took mum out on the Lady Brisbane and also to Mt Coot-tha which she really enjoyed. A great time was had by all.


Lady Brisbane

Mt Coot-tha