2014 March Home Page

Well mum decided that she needed to make me a cooked meal so Budgah ( Cabbage and potato curry it was). Since I only ever have this when mum visits I decided to take the receipe down so that I could make it myslef.

Well that's the general plan anyway. At least I had one cooked meal and enough left overs for another 7 :-). I had to prepare all the vegetables while mum cooked it all. And it was delicious.

Gypsy likes to sit
out tha back..

Browning the

Cauliflower and
potato diced.

Cabbabe and

The cooking
has commenced.

Now where is
the smile ?.

Onions finally

Next add the
cauli and potatoes.

Add some water
and wait until nearly cooked.

Add balance of tomato,
onions and cabbage.


Mix it all up.
Put lid on to cook slowly.

Ready to eat with
chapattis or rice.