2014 Home Page

A quiet month with me cooking a whole duck for Gai to make Duck and orange sauce - and delicious it was too.

Gypsy has a visit to the vet to get a check up and old age is catching up with her. The vet gives her between 1 - 6 months - which is very sad - but as long as she is eating and drinking then it's not so bad. We don't want her to suffer at all, so unless she passes away peacefully in her sleep then it may be a visit to the vet for one last time. :-(

Alister, Crystal and the girls come for a visit and stay the night as they go out to tea for Crystal's birthday and we baby sit the girls. After their dinner the adults go to the casino - and win.

The duck
is cooked.

Gypsy & Clive
have a cuddle.



Cream on the face from
licking the bowl.

Clive & the
girls reading.

The eyes
say it all.



Gai supervising