2014 Home Page

Well, what a month October turned out to be.

Sadly Lorna's husband Peter passed away at age 81. It was off to Brisbane for a lovely service and the gardens where he will be laid to rest are really lovely. People came from interstate as far away as the ACT. Kangaroos hop freely around th gardens and rest where they want. He will be missed.

We also had some baby magpies that took to sitting on the fence and calling and waiting for food. Their parents have been around for a while and when I go to throw bread over into the park they are one of the first birds there when I call them.

The two young


There was a
strong wind blowing.



Wing stretch

Ruffled feathers
from the wind.


Thans for the
food. Tasty.





Gypsy sleeping

Now asleep at
three ways.

Relaying the track
as electric points go in.

Four hours later and
not a lot done.

It's Thomas
the Tank Engine.

Michael cooking duck breast
and crab meat sauce.


Gai's meal was


Gypsy helps clean up
the crab meat sauce.

My sunflower
seeds start to grow.

My new

And then I
found some more.

Pete's coffin in
the glass atrium.

These lovely
stained windows.

The gardens are still
being developed.

These plaques are
placed around the trees.