2015 August Home Page

Down to Melbourne to collect the freight and then off to the Exhibition Centre to set the stand up. Daryl and I managed to get it all working and then it was a short drive back to the hotel to park the car until we left.

The hotel is about a twenty minute walk from where we are staying and on every day we have dry weather - cold but dry. So glad I took a beanie and gloves as this kept me nice and warm.

The stand is
all set up.

A sailing ship
was docked outside.

Rain - typical
Melbourne weather.

The room had
a full kitchen.

And lounge

Cute bees on
the Rialto Tower.



Statues at
the airport.

Daryl needed to
do some shopping.

On our way to
a roof top bar.

This ball is actually
from Port Arthur.


This place was
full of character.


One of the many
shopping arcades.

Lovely old



St. Paul's


Our beer stop
on the way home.

The Chin Chin Bar

Walking down towards the
Crown Casino.

Looking back the
other way.


The Melbourne



The bees
at night.

View from the corner
of my floor.

Looking towards
the food court.