2015 February Home Page

So it's off to Adelaide for a wedding and whilst we were there I decided that some work needed to be done at mum's house. Given that the last time we were back there was many years ago, it was a few trips to Bunnings to get new smoke alarms, LED globes, pea mulch and door handles for the french doors.

All small jobs but ones that take a few minutres here and there. Still progress was made and all tasks finished.

One of our
'pet' lizards.


for Gai.


Time to design a railway
for the grand children.


That's the base board
all done.

Track something
like this ?.

Track layout
nearly finished.

Gold coast Airport. It's
after 12 somewhere.

Skipper resting. She's
also getting old.

Michael having Barnacle
Bills for breakfast.

Replacing the
smoke alarms.

Time for a Yiros.
Absolutely delicious.

It's a meal and
a half.

Cleaned up mum's
electric scooter.

Lorikeets in the
rubber tree.