2015 January Home Page

Welcome to another year - full of hope, challanges and dreams.

Well 2015 wasn't a kind start for us. On January 1st, Gypsy kept falling over and had been on and off her food for a bit. After much discussion with Gai it was decided to see how she would be the next day, but the tough decision had to be made - who were we keeping her alive for ?. We'd taken to carrying her out the door to the garden for toilet duties sometimes, and really all she was doing was a bit of eating and a lot of sleeping. She'd gone from 3 tins of food a day down to 2 on good days and didn't appear to be drinking as much water either.

So on January 2nd, an appointment was made for 3.30pm with the vet. Now this was one of the toughest things we have ever had to do. She was so good driving there and very good at the vets. They were very compassionate and caring and I was allowed to spend as much time with her as required.

We now have her ashes at home with us, where she is still a part of our lives. We look around when we see a shadow, hear a funny noise or at tea time, especially when the prawns and raw chicken come out. She could hear the sound of glad wrap coming off a plate even when she was fast asleep. R.I.P. little girl and thank you for the wonderful 22 years you have given us. Gai & I miss you daily.

Is that food
I see.

Fish food
for breakfast.

stuff this.

Enough food.
Rest time.

I think it
is this way.

My favourite
sleeping spot.

This little sun flower
opened on the 2nd.

This little tree frog
decided to invite iteslf in.

He was fast but
we caught him.

Michael came for Christmas
mid January.

Lobster for
them both.


Her pantry shelf
is cleared of food.

Time to put
her steps back up.


She's back
home with us.

She's now beside the TV
on her scratching pole.

The church metal cross
gets a new home.

Light through
black clouds.

Sunflowers for
Sue Tuckwell.

The Gypsy

Others I saw
when walking.



The big one drying out.
Got half a jar of seeds.

The Broms


Gai resting

This bird likes
curry leaf seeds.




Clive cooking the
Election Day BBQ.