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Well lizards seem to be running all over our garden. We've never seen so many and they all look different too. Some decide that when it is hot they need to go swimming in the wishing well whilst we have another that likes to sleep on one of our wall lights.

Michael took his 4WD upto Brisbane and went back off to the mines. Well the thing decided to finally die, so we had to hire a car trailer and tow it back. Thankfully, someone else helped us push the old girl back and then Michael got on the winch and started winding , winding and more winding.

Then it was a trip back to the Coast to unload her. Ended up ringing Andy to help pull her off the trailer with the winch as it was all up hill. Her final resting place on the road. I put an advert on Gumtree and she was sold within 30 minutes to a wrecker. The transaction was completed the next morning and they sent a tow truck down to collect her.

Well by the time the tow truck arrived somone had managed to STEAL 3 of the tyres and wheels from her and replace them with other shoddy tyres. Who drives around with rims and tyres in their vehicle looking to see who they can swap wheels with ?? Talk about cheeky and in broad daylight too!!

This was a
colourful lizard.

This one sleeps
on the light.


A close


Gai's dinner.
Note presentation.

Plan A. Get Nissan
onto car trailer.

Waiting for
the RACQ.

How to push
a car uphill ?.


Ready for the
Gumtree advert.





Making sausage

Ready for the
final ride.

These are
not our wheels.

They only got
3 wheels.

Home made
spagetti bolognese.