2016 Home Page

Well it's only one month left before mum gets up here and I really need to do some work with the gardens. The front one has grass up to my knees and the back one needs a good tidy. Still gotta get on with it. Somewhere in all that grass is the bromeliads that I planted many years ago - hopefully.

So every week I did a few hours out the front and eventually got all the grass and weeds out. Then it was off to the landscape place in Mudgeeraba to get the mushroom compost to top the graden beds back up again. Great job even if I say so myself.

Michael has the big 30 birthday and the Jeep dies ;-(. Turns out the fuel guage was stuck on a 1/4 tank when there was actually no fuel in her at all. This is the most expensive 25 litres of fuel I have ever bought as it cost over $200.00!!.

Time to attack
the grass.

Only a 1/3 of
the way there.


A full

Now for the
mushroom compost.

Paper down and
compost on top.

Front bed
all done.

Back garden bed
done too.

Pigeons looking
for their tree.


Happy Birthday


I was framed
he said.


Scallops for

Bean and chicken


Time to make
yet another curry.


It was

And some
left overs.

The Jeep
won't start.


Being towed
to the mechanic.


Sweet potato curry
and Dahl.

Now the
washing up.

String art
from the 70's.

Time for
a new tyre.