2016 Home Page

So it's a Federal Election and that means we run a raffle and sausage sizzle at the church. Generally we always get a reasonable response from voters.

Up early to get things all set up and the day stared at a nice cool 3 degrees as witnessed by the Jeep. 300 snags all cooked and sold by 2pm, so a great result.

Michael was also away with his borders so I looked after Popeye, their cat, for the week end at MPM's place. We became the best of friends only because I had food for him, but that's life.

How not to
park at work.

A cool start
to the day.

Hot air ballooning
over Mudgeeraba.

All ready for

Plenty of
raffle prizes.


to go.

Helpers taking
a break.

Take a day off.
Keyboard gets decorated.

Food for


Popeye enjoys
a tickle.



Chicken and
potato curry.

A crochet
blanket done.


Chicken and
eggplant curry.