2016 Home Page

The first trip of the year to catch up with the girls as we have all been busy.

The fence gets replaced and we decided that we would go higher to give us more privacy from the park, as this was not there when we originally bought the house back in 2003. The tradies did a great job and we would recommend them to anyone.

Michael came over with his chain saw and helped me cut down the ugly tree that was in the corner. It filled up the trailer.

Another anniversary and a quiet meal at home to celebrate.

Kiara enjoying
her book.


Allyssa looking for
the stickers.


The fence
gets started.




End of
day one.



View in
the park.


This tree
has to go.

All finished

A great


Sizing up
the tree.




Crocheting mum
a new blanket.

Now to put it
all together.

Finished - now
for the size test.


Our light

The Bromeliad
starts to flower.

Michael checks
out the tree.

Unpacking the
chain saw.

First cut.

That came
down quickly.

This lizard thinks
it's a meerkat.


Gai takes a tumble
and hurts her arm.

Scallops in mornay
sauce. Presentation 101.