2016 Home Page

November was a month of doing some coooking. Several meals of stir fry and curry. Clive even made a curry for work as Blake, one of the support guys was leaving. As usual there was nothing left.

We also got back "Grandfer's" pocket watch which had been with a watch restorer for a while. About half of the watch is still the original parts but it needed a new glass front and case.

The Parish had an open day where you could go and look at the progress of the new church that is being built at Marymount schools site. This multi million dollar project is being totally funded by the Parish and should be due for completion early in 2017, with the dedication set for the 24th February.

Gai had a fall again and bruised herslf from head to toe - not good.

One chicken stir
fry coming up.


Chicken and
bean curry.

Granfer Sloughman's
pocket watch.

Back in
working order.




Adam, Blake and Daryl
enjoying curry.

Mark (front)
and Steve (standing).

Lisa, Mark
Leand & Trystan.

Michael talking
to Nan.

The Columbarium
is under the Alter.

The left

Looking at
the front.


This green tree frog
paid us a visit.

Cleaning the
church BBQ.

Time to sharpen
the knives.


Bruising on
Gai's head.

Curries for
the freezer.

Gai & her
new walker.

Elmo at work

Another stir fry
in the making.