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Gai's Christmas present finally arrives and fits perfectly.

January was the month of break downs. Firstly the old Plasma TV decided to become a screaming banshee so that needed to be replaced. Luckily Big W was open until 6pm that night so time for a more modern and larger TV.

Next the washing machine went on the blink. The solenoids died on both the cold and hot water tap so time to get a new washing machine.

The capacitor on the Air Conditioner also blew so that needed to be replaced as well. Talk about an expensive month, but at least our health was OK.

Time for the
new TV.

Gai's Christmas present
finally arrives.

It's a
jewelery box.

The ring is
finally here.



The scar is
still healing.

The new
washing machine.

Dinner - it's all in
the presentation.