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Wednesday 29th May

So today I write/copy directly from Gai's journal. She sat there writing away last night and so here are her words. Clive's comments are in (brackets).

A bit cooler today - 4 degrees in the morning. Cardigan and ugg boots on all day. (Well I did have socks and a jacket on early but this soon became back to the shorts and T-shirt).

Off to the Big 4 caravan park at Vernon point. Very nice and tidy. Lovely swimming pool. Pity it's too cold to use it. $33.00 per night after discount for joining the Big 4 Caravan Parks. (10% discount and it lasts two years. Cost $50.00 so saved $$37.00 on this stay excluding membership costs.)

Clive commented that they have nice and wide streets here. We had the weight distribution hitch fitted and Clive noticed a difference straight away. (Cost $800.00). No more bumping around. They did it while we waited and I sat in the car while it was being done. (Clive was out there having a good old chat to the man who was fitting it and he was very thorough in explaining how to use it to hitch and un-hitch). Only took about half an hour.

(Well I seem to be missing a key. You know- the one that locks the securing pin to of the tow bar to the car. Well I know we had two as when I got it and replaced the removable pin I'm sure I put the keys on the key ring. Well, apparently not. After searching for nearly 15 minutes through my keys, Gai's keys and some spare keys this elusive key could not be found. So it's out with an angle grinder to cut off this lock.)

(Thinking about it later, I said to Gai it's Michael's fault. When I took the trailer to his place I also left the wheel lock and think I may have left the keys there - so he gets the blame. Anyway $28.00 for a replacement locking pin.)

(Rooking mistake - I've lost count ?? . Check that you have all keys to all locks before you go anywhere.)

Reversed into bay 10 straight off and hitched up from Maryborough first go. Then we reversed all the way out with one of the campers helping us by watching the back of the van. We were parked beside two large gun trees making it difficult to swing left , so we turned right instead and then had to reverse the rest of the way.(About 100 metres).

(I've decided to name the toilet canisters. You know - the ones that contain all the body waste. They will now be referred to as 'Poodle 1 and Poodle 2'. The spare one we bought has a fold out handle and wheels, so you don't need to carry it. It jut trails along behind you, so it's a bit like walking a dog. The one that came with the van doesn't have this luxury so it needs to be carried when going to the dump point.)

Hervey Bay
van park.

Gai's chocolate

Have house-
will travel.

number 1.

Off to it's
new location.