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Travels of the Gypsy June 2019

Tuesday 4th June

Clive went for a walk this morning. Still in shorts but he had on a beanie and a jacket. It was a cool nine degrees but the wind had an icy chill to it. When he came back it was into long pants that he ended up wearing all day.

Gai brought out her winter clothes also including gloves! We went for a drive to the Botanic Gardens which was very pleasant. There weren't many flowers out but plenty of trees and greenery, so you were mostly in shade when walking on the paths. We walked for about 30 minutes, so a big walk for Gai.

I finally gave in and let Clive buy me an electric blanket for the van. Realistically I think it will get some use. Well Clive put in on the bed and it did get used that night. We had one at home and I was always using this.

Watching some people parking their vans is better that the plane spotting that we did on Norfolk Island.

Monday 3rd June

The rain seems to have cleared with a nice sunny day and clear blue skies again.

Clive did the food shopping and we have chicken marylands for tea tonight. He also went to Bunnings and bought some bits and pieces to put a vent into the grey water tank. It seems to be forming a vacuum when the drain valve is shut off and water won't drain from any of the sinks. This is no good if we want to do some free camping as we must be fully self contained.

So he's under the van drilling a hole near the very top and he puts in a micro sprinkler valve. This cures the problem with the sinks and also improves the shower, but the shower is still not 100%. At east everything is now draining properly. It's a pity that the caravan retailer where we bought the van from could not have done the job properly in the first place when we had the grey water tank fitted.

Sunday 2nd June

Well it rained all last night and also on and off all day today. What is it with this weather that seems to be following us wherever we go.

We stayed in the van except for Clive when he went to Mass at St. Joseph's Church. After Mass he did some shopping getting a waterproof jacket as he'll have to pack up one day in the rain, a plastic tub for all the read books that will sit under the bed and a new shaver as he dropped his old one. He also bought himself a new rugby top. I can see that I'm going to have to hide his credit cards.

Saturday 1st June

Welcome to the 1st day of winter.

Weather was 9 degrees overnight, so a bit on the cool side and we do have lovely clear blue skies. Clive went for a walk this morning and went to Pialba which is the next suburb down the road. He was gone for nearly one and a quarter hours and covered 6.95km.

A lazy day with us both reading books for most of the day. Left over Chinese for tea again. The food was delicious.

View to
the beach.


The printer's

Clive's new

Sign at
St. Joseph's.




Clive ready
for a walk.

A cool
clear morning.

Gai in the
Botanic Gardens.





OH and S
issues here.

We walked around
this lake.





Crossing the

The Bush

Time for
a rest.




Turtles in
the lake.