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Sunday 9th June

4 degrees with 24 the target for today.

Off to Apple tree Creek today, providing that we can get phone reception. I have an important call tomorrow and nothing must get in the way.

It got a bit cool last night getting down to 4 according to the thermometer Clive puts outside whenever we stop somewhere. This used to live under the back verandah at home, but we decided to take it with us on our travels. I woke up through the night and thought why didn't I put my crochet blanket on my feet because it wasn't meant to be that cold. Went to turn the electric blanket on but remembered that we aren't plugged into the grid. Clive plugged the electric blanket into the inverter for me today so I know I can use the blanket now if I need to.

Anyway, I woke to sunshine this morning so the batteries can be charged through the solar panels.

So off to Apple Tree Creek. We travelled all of 6km, (yes a big drive). I can't believe that Clive chose this place so close to Childers to spend a night in. There is a pub close by that also offers patrons free camping, but we chose the park to save a bit of money. We had to leave Childers anyway as it is only a 20 hour stay and you should do the right thing we believe. The TV doesn't need re-tuning as we are so close to the last place. We'll watch more TV tonight as we're off to a van park tomorrow to use their electricity.

Clive went for a walk around town. Pretty small town really. They have actually started a new housing development where he walked.


Details about
the park.


Gai making
a donation.


photo bombing.


Canadian food
for Michael.

Apple Tree Creek
Community Park.

The Great War

Apple Tree Creek
Band Rotunda.




View from
the Rotunda.