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Monday 10th June

We left Apple Tree Creek at about 11.3o and arrived at Woodgate Beach around 12.30. It was a good run with not much traffic. Weather today is sunny and not cold at all. I'm even wearing a short sleeved top and Clive is of course in his shorts and T-shirt.

We are booked in for 2 nights but Clive went and extended it for another night as it is very peaceful here. No sounds of children so far. I would think that the nights would get cold but they have lovely sunny days. We can hear birds calling in the trees and also the sounds of waves on the beach as the park is on the Esplanade. It is surrounded by National Park and Clive was told of a 5km circuit through the park, so I know where he will be tomorrow morning.




Turning onto
the Esplanade.

Plentry of

Set up with
washing done.