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Wednesday 12th June

Well congratulations are in order. 1 month of being on the road together. I haven't filled up the car yet but some stats are upto the 5th June when it was last filled. We've travelled 1047km, 131.23 litres of fuel costing $195.32 averaging 7.978km per litre or 12.53 litres per 100km.

Clive walked along the beach this morning. His biggest decision was whether to go up the beach or down the beach. A shorter walk only going 5.43km. He stopped to chat to a guy and that was a good 25 minutes of gas bagging. Talk about have a chat.

We decided to have lunch in the park's café today. Well I saw a menu and it had pancakes on it so I've had a fancy for some. They were delicious. Clive had a spicy chilli squid wrap which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then back to the van for Clive to re-plan next months trip as we've decided that we won't head to Townsville and then fly back for my medical appointments but we'll stay around the Bundaberg area instead.

Lovely sunny weather again today.

View up
the beach.

View down
the beach.


The boat


van park.

Cooler in
the shade.

Gai waiting
for lunch.

We moved to
the shade.

Are you going to
eat all that?.

Clive's chilli
squid wrap.