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Saturday 22nd June

Clive was up at 7 today and it was 6.3 then. A cool crisp morning. A lazy start as I went back to sleep while he sat inside the van and read. Said it was too cool outside. The day was lovely and sunny. A great day for a drive.

We met pig this morning as he was out for his daily walk around the oval. As yes, pig's name is pig. Clive reckons it should be 'Little Bacon'. Apparently he and the dog get on well as you can see in one of the photos. Anyway, pig and sniffed at our door way and all around and under the van. We finally left Rosedale about 10.30.

A pleasant drive to 1770 taking about one and a half hours as we are in no rush to be the first there. Reversing in was good with two gentlemen offering their help. Fellow nomads are so obliging. We are parked right near the amenities block which has a dis-abled toilet and shower.

Pizza for tea tonight. First time using the gas oven in the van, so anything can happen.

6.3 degrees.

Pig out for
his walk.




Dam behind

View from
the road.

Pig and

On site


The Community


Disabed shower
at 1770.