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Sunday 23rd June

Coolish day, cloudy and no sun. State Of Origin tonight and the park will have a big screen set up for the game.

Clive went off at 11.30 for Mass at 12.00. We are currently in the 'Our Lady Of The Sea Parish, (Gladstone Parish which is a part of the Diocese of Rockhampton), which is administered by The Marist Fathers. The two priests cover 6 areas including Agnes Water, Calliope, Gladstone, Miriam Vale, Mt. Larcom, Tannum Sands and Ubobo. Agnes Water only get a priest on the 4th Sunday of the month. All other Sundays are Lay Led Liturgies. There was about 20 for Mass and after they have sandwiches, cake and coffee for those that want to attend. Clive had a good chat with a couple of blokes.

Clive spent part of the morning talking to Joe. He came to offer us to connect to their satellite dish as no one can get TV here. Pity we don't have the cables. This explains why the office has so many DVD's. They are free to watch and return.

There is a track at the back of the park that leads directly to an unpatrolled beach. The track itself is suitable for 4WD vehicles only and is 800m to the parking lot. From here it's another 100m to the beach. So off goes Clive for his walk to the beach. 3.4km and 45 minutes later he's back.

We were going to have chicken for tea but I decided on fish and chips as the chip shop will be shut for the next three days. So about 6.40 Clive goes down to get tea and comes back not just with tea but a bag containing two huge mud crabs. Seems while he was in there a guy came in and left the owners four mud crabs for free. Clive mentioned that he loves crabs so they gave him one as they don't really like crab. Just as he was leaving with dinner they gave him another one and also an extra piece of fish.

Well the fridge is only so big and two crabs just won't fit in. So he goes next door to offer it to his mate Joe. Unfortunately his wife can't eat shell fish as it gives her gout. So there are other people sitting outside so he offers it to them and a lady says that she loves crabs, so it's gone to a good home.

While we are having dinner it starts to rain. Origin is due for kick off at 8.00pm. No heading down to the big screen for us tonight, so we end up streaming the game. He set his phone up as a hot spot and connected the computer wirelessly to that. From there we had a HDMI cable from the computer to the TV. Pity Queensland lost but NSW were by far the better team. Looks like I'll be watching Home and Away via streaming again this week. Might have to investigate satellite TV.

800m track
to the bech.


Finally the

Track back
to the park.

Down the

Up the

Up the
beach it is.



My foot






Getting ready
for the game.

getting lit.


It's the TV
inside for us.

Bear after
the game.