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Monday 24th June

A bit overcast today and showers that we had overnight are meant to be clearing.

We decided to go for a drive up to the point of 1770 today. The scenery is really lovely and we took lots of photos. Speaking of which my camera is starting to play up, so we'll probably need to buy a new one in Gladstone when we get there. It is a few years old now. Sometimes when you take a picture all you end up with is a white picture. Try again and it works perfectly.

Firstly we went to Captain Cook Monument. This Stone Cairn was erected on the spot they thought that he first landed on back in 1770. There is a car park here and plenty of walking trails if you want. From there we continued up the road to Joseph Banks Conservation Park. Clive decides that he has to drive to the highest point in the road to see what the view is like! Again, plenty of parking and tracks for walking.

From here we went back to Agnes Water and took a left turn, heading towards Deep Water Conservation Park and Clive sets off down this dirt track. I made him turn around in a clearing as it was getting pretty rough and then he tells me that there is a free camp further along that he was looking at for us. He did say he changed his mind though. Great if you are in a towing a camper, but not a 21 foot van. I think I'll have to check his free camping spots in future as we aren't the Leyland Brothers and we don't need to replace the car.

Clive went to get something out of the cupboard and found water on the floor. Finding the source, it turns out that when he used the outside shower yesterday after his walk, he didn't turn the tap off completely. So with the pressure from the mains it had a slight leak. All I can say is good job we found it then. Rookie mistake number ??

And another one he mentioned was that he left the tap fitting on the tap in Bundaberg when we packed up. Good job we have spares that he packed.

Next door's, (Joe's), dog went missing so he went one way and Clive went the other. He found him by the toilet block. Then about 10 minutes later he sees a young boy going around a corner and come off his bike. He gets up and then goes running back to his van in tears. Clive goes down to get the bike and starts walking it back the way the boy went. He meets the father on the way to trying and find the bike. One badly grazed elbow for the boy. Turns out they live in Arundal on the Gold Coast and are spending three weeks away. First week is driving to Airlie Beach, then one week there and the third week driving back. Yes, school holidays are nearly here.

Dinner tonight is mud crab for me and left over fish and chips for Clive. Delicious.

Boat ramp
and marina.



So serene
and peaceful.



Landed 24th
May 1770.


View from
a walking track.



Joseph Banks
Conservation Park.


This was


Seems it's
a memorial.

Gai patiently


Sir Ralph
Cilento Drive.




St. Agnes
Catholic Church.

Our van

Fish and chip
shop and Reception.

One big

A bowl full
of crab.