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Thursday 27th June

Weather - cool breeze, cloudy and a few showers. Forecast is for some gusty winds too so that will make for some interesting towing of the van. So it's off to Miriam Vale.

I spotted the sign 'Caravan Park' and so we pulled into the Roadhouse and checked in. I asked Clive where the map is, as with every other park we have been given a map of where to park, amenities blocks etc. He didn't answer me. So we followed the road for a bit and turns onto another road and then stops and say - here we are. No reversing at all. We're on a drive through site located adjacent to the pool.

We can only see about six spots but maybe there are more out of sight. They have a large pool here so you would think they cater for more than half a dozen vans. There is also a roadhouse here selling petrol, take away food including pizza etc. I have to say it's the strangest park we have been in to date.

Yeah - TV reception, but only for the ABC. At least we can get 6 ABC stations including 24 News. I had a pie for lunch, something different and Clive had tuna. The camera is shooting white photos still, so definitely a new one will be bought in Gladstone.

Clive went for a walk and there are lots more spaces to the right had side as well as cabins.

A double crochet blanket finished. Clive made this one so that if it gets too cold we can put this under the doona to keep warm, as I suspect that when we head inland after Gladstone we could have some cold nights.

Wednesday 26th June

Weather cold and rain all day. Good job Clive packed up the privacy screen last night before the rain as it would be soaked. Checking the internet it shows the rain should clear by around 8pm. Sure enough at 7.30 we had the last few drops.

We took a quick trip to the souvenir shop and bought a couple of tea towels and a magnet. Then back to the van to read and keep warm.

We streamed Home and Away and after that the news. It's so good to see the news and see what has been happening. We also bought a satellite dish and decoder that is going to be sent to the Gladstone LPO for us to collect next week when we are there. At least this will solve the problem of no TV reception and allow us to watch the shows we like. The decoder has dual tuners so we can watch a show whilst recording another.

Tomorrow we leave for Miriam Vale which is about 60km away.

A Praying

Double size
qulit done.

1770 boat

The pool

Us parked


Star Roadhouse
and van park.

Gai enjoys
her pie.