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Friday 28th June

A nice fine sunny day today. What more could you ask for?

We went for a drive to Turkey Beach. Lovely farming country along the way as the area is mostly flat. Just before the town you have a set of hills to cross. It took about forty-five minutes to get there. Drove around and there were lots of houses on stilts and plenty of boats in the yards too. Possibly the get the water views. The water was very choppy as there was a stiff breeze. Did we see any turkeys - no.

Lunch was from the road house with Clive having a Chiko Roll and I had a Dagwood Dog. We'll probably have pizza for tea - again from the road house. Off to a free camp tomorrow.

The pizza was amazing, and only $12.00. It's the start of the school holidays so the park was full tonight.




Flip Flop

The Big

Gai enjoying
a pluto pup.


The Big