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Thursday 11th July

Sunny and blue skies today. 22 with 13 overnight.

Clive drove into Monto to empty poodle in the public dump site that is located in the showgrounds. He was gone a while and later I discovered that he got chatting to someone at the dump site. While he was in town he bought us some pies for dinner and a jam and cream doughnut for my lunch. Delicious.

After lunch we went for a drive to Cania Dam and saw Lake Cania which is surprisingly large. A trip to the lookout had me freaking out,(remember I don't like heights)and then a drive around the parks areas at the dam. It's very neat and tidy and well maintained with plenty of picnic spots and grassy areas for children to play.

Clive wants to come back as just outside the dam is a walk to the Shamrock Mine site. He didn't want to leave me in the car by myself while he did the walk. It's way too rough for me to be walking on and it also has an incline.

It's a bit cool tonight as it's already done to 13 degrees and it's only 7pm.

Our home for
six nights.




and joey.

Near the
boat ramp.


Cows by
the road.


Bear was