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Tuesday 16th July

It's getting warmer. Only 4.3 last night, so summer must be on it's way.

Leaving Monto we went through a small town called Mulgildie. This town has the Bunyip statue and also the Bunyip Hole. Good job that you have to slow down to 60 or you would think you were just passing a couple of buildings. Still as the photos show they do have a post office.

We arrived at Eidsvold around 11.30. This park is quite large and there are not many people here. There are plenty of cabins about but these are all booked out. We were told we could park wherever we wanted to, so we took an end slab that overlooks the golf course. It's lovely and quiet here and very peaceful. It will be lucky to reach 20 today as it was only 16 when we arrived.

Clive got our blog up to date and had a chat with some other vanners. Talk about 'Mr. Have A Chat". Another cold night expected. The cows are very noisy tonight, mooing away. Maybe they are cold too!<.p>

On the
road again.





Caravan Park.


Looking for
a spot.

View from
the toilet.

Train waggons
in the distance.

All camped



Off to the
dump point.