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Sunday 21st July

Off to Biggenden today. We left after 11am as Clive went to church in the morning. We checked if this was OK with the manager and she said that this is the country and we're not in any hurry. Normally you have to be out by 10.00 sharp.

A nice easy drive and we are staying at the Mountain View Caravan Park. We were allocated a spot that allowed us to drive straight in. No reversing required. It's a grass site rather than a slab one.

Good TV reception so we don't need the dish. You can see the TV tower on top of one of the mountains from the park. We'll probably go for a drive tomorrow to have a look around. We back onto Saleyard Road. Today is the drop off day for cattle as every second Monday they have a cattle sale. So lots of cattle trucks - all shapes and sizes, going up and down the road this afternoon. Lots of mooing going on. The yards are about 600m from the park here, hence all the mooing.

Biggenden rest below the rugged cliffs of Mt. Walsh It grew as a service town after gold was discovered in 1880 on the Paradise and Shamrock fields. This was as short lived gold rush. If you climb Mt. Walsh you can see all the way to Hervy Bay on a clear day.

The park

Us all
camped up.

Trucks coming
and going.




The sale