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Sunday 28th July

So back to the Coast today. Clive thinks this will take between 5-6 hours. Looks like a good day for driving as temperature is in the mid 20's. We've had fun the past few days with lots of chatting, laughing and drinking. Clive even put Yvonne on the phone one night so she could talk to mum.

We left Watalgan at 10.00 and arrived on the Coast at 3.30. A long drive for me and not sure that we will do it all in one go on the way back. I think I would prefer to stay overnight somewhere. We'll be at Michael's until about the 19th of August, so probably no more updates until then.

Some stats to date for those interested;

Used 409.37 litres of fuel. Cost of fuel $597.46 with an average price of $1.459 per litre.

Travelled 3101km and getting an average of 13.2 litres per 100km or 7.57km per litre of fuel.

Only 4 days spent free camping - zero cost - with the rest being paid. Cheapest of $10.00 per night and the dearest $40.00 per night. We'll certainly be doing more free camping on the next leg of our journey.

Thanks for reading and we hope that you have enjoyed sharing our journey with us so far. Cheers from us for now.

Friday 26th July

We off to Watalgan today. This is a small town about 45km north of Bundaberg. When Clive lived in Elizabeth Ted and Yvonne bought the house next door on Harvey Road. Some years later they moved to Queensland and after several moves bought the property that they now live on. It's over 100 acres and very peaceful. This will be our home for a few days now as Sunday we'll travel back to the Gold Coast.

We're camped out the back by the power pole. It's dark at night and we have to use our head torches when we leave the house to go back to the van. No street lights or van park lights here to guide us. Just the starry lights of the milky way.

Thursday 25th July

Weather was 2.9 overnight and up to 31 during the day. About 4.30pm it starts to cool down, dropping about 5 degrees every 30 minutes, so it doesn't take long for it to get cool.

Not a lot happened today. Just reading and relaxing as tomorrow we are on the road again. A few kangaroos around again tonight but not as many as last night.. Battered fish for me for dinner while Clive has a spaghetti marinara.

Clive was watching a van reverse into a spot when he heard a bang. Turns out the wife didn't tell him to stop so he's reversed into a palm tree. Then he un-hitches and sets up only to discover that the power he was going to use is not working. Not a happy camper. So off he goes to look for another spot while Clive goes off to a shed nearby. Turns out that there is 15 Amp power here but his lead is not long enough. So we lent him one of our long leads and he was truly grateful.

at night.

the driveway.


Traffic in

Cars were


Curry for
Ted and Yvonne.

Rice, pickle
and papadums.

My walk to
the front gate.