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Tuesday 30th July to Saturday 17th August

Firstly, welcome back blog readarians. Is that what you call people who read blogs ? Well I don't really know but welcome back anyway. It's been fun down on the Coast and over the past few weeks we've done quite a bit really.

On Monday Clive, Jess and Michael went off to Ipswich to see the grand kids and Alister and Crystal. The girls took to Jess very well and they all ended up playing soccer in the back yard. Both Clive and I have had doctors appointments, myself to several specialists, Clive to the Optometrists and of course some shop visits. Clive went back to Mass at St. Benedict's where he caught up with a lot of people as well as the Priests.

We also had several lunches with Adam, Leand, Judi and David and then also with a few people from the St. Benedict's Community. A great time was had by all at both events.

While staying at Michael's, Clive weeded the front and lower back gardens and then Michael and him went off looking for some cane mulch. Well none around currently as they are now into the new cane cutting season, so I've no doubt in a few months time they will be back in stock and then Michael can get some by himself to put on the garden.

Clive cooked several curries and a spaghetti bolognaise so there were plenty of frozen meals left in the freezer for Jess and Michael to share when we left. In between all this he still managed to finish five books, so he was relaxing some of the time. He also managed to crochet another blanket, which got donated to the church. He also managed to work out our travels until the first week of March and we've booked the Christmas Parks as three he tried near Nowra were already booked out over the Christmas holidays.

A very special thanks to Deidre for all she does in collecting our mail and scanning documents to send to us. There was a big bag of parcels waiting for us when Clive caught up with her.


Another blanket


Gai resting
at Michael's.

Managed two


Enjoying breakfast
out the back.

Jess getting
into food again.

Michael's coffee

New microwave
plate cover.

Toasted sandwich
for dinner.

New water meter
at Merrilaine.

This garden
needs weeding.

Now that's

Side garden
done too.


One bin full
of weeds.

New kitchen

New bedroom
TV remote.

Spare meals for
the freezer.

Back lower
tier done.


Another weeks