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Tuesday 20th August - Boyne River

A bit cooler today with a strong cold breeze. Must be the wind chill factor that is doing it.

Free camping today on the banks of the Boyne River. Now this is a beautiful spot. Where we camped in before is total full so we have to camp in the 24 hour zone. We got here at 1.30 after a late start. Yes, Clive went MIA again while I was still sleeping. I eventually rang Yvonne to see if she knew where he was. Seemed Ted and him went for a walk down to the back of the block and he'd left his phone in the van.

Clive - well in my defense I said to Ted, come on and show me the back of the block. He said it's about a kilometre away so this should be a nice walk. So off we set following the track that was there. About half way this track starts disappearing. Seems mother nature is re-claiming her land back again. We walked along the fence line and eventually came out on the back road to their property. We then walked up the road a bit and then decided to go back via the road way. Well this turned out to be a trek and a half. Of course once we got to their front gate it was another 400m to the house. Glad I didn't go out there by myself as I would have got lost but it was a good walk. Ted was going for a sleep after we left.

Off we finally go to the Boyne River Rest Area and Clive didn't set the GPS co-ordinates into Jeeves. There was less and less traffic around so he pulled over and set the co-ordinates in. By this time we had missed a major turn off, so it was cross country for us down some dirt roads and being bounced around again. For most of the way we didn't see any other vehicles. Then Jeeves said to take a road that had a big 'No through road' on it and with towing a van this did not become an option. Still we got back to the highway eventually and into the rest area. Does this count as a rookie mistake as it's normally the first thing that he does before we set off - enter the GPS co-ordinates.

Didn't even try the TV tonight as no aerials up so we watched some pre-recorded shows that night. It's good to be on the road again. It's kinda funny how we've missed this.

Monday 19th August - Watalgan

It's a bit warmer today with 27 degrees and no rain in sight.

Off to Bundaberg now to do several things. Fuel up, go to Woolies to get some food for us, Chemist Warehouse and to a second hand book shop that Clive ordered some books from while we were on the road. Well the running around took an hour and a half so I'm so glad that we broke the return trip up.

Now it's off to Ted and Yvonne's which we got there at 12.30, so a good trip. After some lunch Clive sorted out the car and van again and this took a few hours re-packing our clothes away. When he'd finished he realised that the fishing gear was still under the van so that's why there was some space. Yvonne made a chicken pie and vegetables which Clive had and even managed to score some extra for dinner the next day while I had a toasted sandwich. Not too late a night as we all had a great evening.

An old
railway bridge.


Sunset over the
Boyne River.