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Wednesday 21st August - Bajool

Free camping again tonight. A nice day for travelling with a cool breeze. Our weather station has died so no more of the min/max updates until we can get a new one. Sad really as this is an interesting part of our travels watching the weather. Must be beginning to sound like a farmer.

Before we left Boyne River the coffee and donuts van was back so I got 3 jam donuts for $7.00. One to eat for lunch today and the other two to freeze.

Our camp tonight is right opposite a pub. We had planned on having lunch there but Clive noticed a sign that it didn't open until 3pm, so back to the van for our normal style of lunch. Clive had fun on the drive talking on the CB when he saw big rigs pulling in behind us. He was telling them that he would pull over when the chance happened so that they could overtake. Well, they are working and we're only going 80 in a 100 zone. They were all very polite and thanked us and most used the overtaking lanes. One guy asked if it was a bicycle towing the van to which he replied a tricycle and then another voice said he must have the misses best china on board and she wouldn't let him go any faster. How rude but it was all said in good fun.

So off to the pub for tea at 6.30. Don't worry as Home and Away is being recorded. We shared a seafood basket for dinner and even though most of it was crumbed it was very nice. Still too much food for the both of us. Off to Rockhampton tomorrow.

Bajool has a population of about 540 people at the last census. It's mainly agriculture that keeps the town going. The pub was closed however a new couple have come in and re-opened it. Some lovely old photos on the walls.


Gai enjoys
a sleep in.

Dressed for
the day.

Camped at the
Boyne River.

Coffee and.

Dinner at
the pub.


The seafood