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Saturday 24th August - Drive to Yepoon to Emu Park

Over cast today and heading for a top of only 23 so we decided to go for a drive rather than a walk around the Botanic Gardens and the Zoo. Good thing too as about 15 minutes on the way to Yepoon it started to rain and we had showers on and off all the way. At one stage it chucked it down.

We drove around Yepoon and stopped and had a look out to the sea, You couldn't really see a lot due to rain off shore, but we did manage to get some pictures of Great Keppel Island and some of the other smaller islands. The sea is a beautiful colour but the sand looks dirty. Nothing like the beaches of the Gold Coast.

From Yepoon we took the coastal road down to Emu Park. Again another pretty town with a few touristy things to do. From here it was back to Rocky and time for a late lunch. It's still a bit cool and certainly cooler than yesterday. It might be from the cold wind.

Friday 23rd August - Rockhampton

A bit cooler today with 26 degrees.

Clive did two loads of washing today so under the annex it looks like a Chinese laundry. In between it was a pretty lazy day. He found a local Jaycar store and bought some bits to make up a 12v lead from the cigarette lighter in the cupboard to the TV. This saves us using the batteries via the inverter under the bed to make 240v then the transformer on the TV converting it back to 12v. With the lead it's just a 12v to 12v connection. I can't believe that he bought a soldering iron away with us in the car amongst his tools. Wonders will never cease. Still it worked OK.

So Clive went shopping and found an Australia Post Office and purchased a new indoor / outdoor weather station. It's lovely and colourful and we can now get temperatures again. The only problem with this one is that it doesn't record the minimum and maximum temperatures. It only shows you what the current temperature is.

Then onto some other chores. He replaced a latch on one of the cupboards and started catching up on the blog. All being well we'll go out tomorrow and do some sight seeing. We've changed the itinerary to stay here an extra couple of days rather than go to Yepoon and have to back track to continue our journey. Yepoon will become a day trip instead now.

Finally some

Not much of
a view today.



Great Keppel


Wreck Point
Scenic Lookout.




Down below
the lookout.

Looking back

Gai waiting
in the car.

Rosslyn Bay


The Big