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Sunday 25th August - St. Joseph's Cathedral

Cloudy and 26 degrees today. You just have to love this weather.

Another 'jobs to fix' day today. The left hand head light low beam on the car has blown. Clive bought a replacement at Super Cheap and they have a fitting service for only $10.00 as this would save him getting all dirty. When they came to do it they said that it would need to go to a mechanic as they can't do it. It's a tight squeeze to get your hand between the fuse box and the front of the car. Not to be out done, Clive strapped one of the torches to his head to he could se what was happening and managed to replace it. Took about 20 minutes but it done. The nut to the knob on the stove had come loose so the control had fallen back. Out with the long nose pliers and after 5 minutes that was done. He also got the blog up to date slong with all the web pages.

Not a good start to the day as we were woken at 5.45am by three children screaming and playing outside of our van. Appears that the parents slept through all this as it was about 45 minutes later you heard the mother shout at them. REALLY!!! Then the van next door started talking at the top of their voices as they were packing up. Have some respect for your neighbours. This is the worst park we have been in for space as we are packed in like sardines and there is no trees to deaden sound. It's just car, van, car, van, car, van…you getting the idea yet.

We might go to the Zoo and Botanical Gardens if the weather stays OK.

Clive - I went off to Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral in the morning. Mass was at 9.30 and upon arriving I see people all dressed in national costumes. It was a Multicultural Mass with Bishop Michael McCarthy presiding. It was a beautiful Mass with a procession of flags of all nations and the intro hymn being done by Africians. Next was a Welcome to Country then in the Prayers of the Faithful this was said by people speaking in their own native tongue. The hymn after communion was sung by Indonesians and the final hymn again by Africians. The Mass took and hour and forty minutes and then at 12.15 they were having lunch. I didn't stay for that as I went and got some groceries for us and made a curry for dinner.

The cathedral is just stunning and beautiful. Built in 1899 with the stained glass windows, life size statues, wooden ceiling, amazing stonework and magnificent Alter. The Station of the Cross and quite large and 3d so they really stand out. It would be great to go back there again.

St. Joseph's

Statue of

Statue of

Commemorative stone of
The Centenary.

Looking to
the Alter.

The photo does
not do it justice.

beautiful timber
and stone work.

Windows depict different
passages of scripture.

Stations of
the Cross.


Window above
the entrance.

Mary and