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Thursday 29th August - Yaamba

Now I forgot to mention yesterday that while I sitting in the kiosk area waiting for Clive to finish his tour, two bus loads of children came in. It seems they are on a 3 day camp here at the caves. Talk about excited children. Every time a staff member went past, they asked me if I would like some ear plugs. They will be having their three daily meals in this area and it looks like the boys are sleeping in the tent and glamping area while the girls sleep in the conference centre. It was about 9.30 last night that the chatter stopped so that must be when lights out is. Clive heard them this morning at 6.00am and then at 7.15 they all went off to breakfast to return about an hour later.

Yesterday they were all divided into groups - 6 groups in total of about 14 students in each group. Over the three days they all do different activities including the cave tour that Clive did as well as Adventure Caving which involves crawling through narrow caves. They showed Clive where they send the children when then do this. They also still dig out bat poo from the cave floor and the children go through this as part of their tour looking for fossils amongst other things. I don't remember our school camps to have done anything like this.

14.2 degrees last night with a top of 29.3 today.

We left the Capricorn Caves and headed to our next stop - Yaamba Rest area. This just happens to be 10km from the Caves, so another big drive by Clive today. Lots of trucks stopping and going and also some vanners doing the same. Stopping for a break and then off they go again. It is a Driver Reviver area so it is really good to see people using it. It's just off the Bruce Highway so pretty noisy . It's been a hot day and a warmer night than usual, but not uncomfortable. Good TV reception, so Yay!!!

Steak and Kidney pie for dinner. Now I must tell you, we brought one of these away with us when we left the Gold Coast. Clive tried to open it with the can opener that we had and because of the way it is done it doesn't cut the lid off like it does with other cans. On the Coast we had an electric can opener for these pies as it was the only way we found of opening them. So rather than cart it around Oz uneaten we left it with Yvonne and Ted to enjoy.

Anyway, my darling husband bought another one and a new can opener that should do the job. Well it did half the job and then broke. So much for that idea. Not be out done this time, Clive got out the pen knife that he keeps in the car and used the can opener on that to finally get the lid off. It was delicious though.

Leaving the Cave
camp area.

Old vintage

And a
few more.

Heading back to
the Bruce Highway.

Stopped for
a train.


Smelly cattle

Some Variety
Rally cars.

We're blocked
in here.


plenty of space
and BBQ area.




Clive got
the lid off.

One broken new
can opener.