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Friday 30th August - Marlborough

12 degrees over night with a lovely warm day around 28.

A very late start today with us just spending the morning reading and relaxing. We decided to leave after lunch so left around 2pm and arrived in Marlborough around 3pm. This is another free camp located behind the Puma Service Station. A huge area where you can park where you want to. It's actually like a big paddock. I am beginning to notice the humidity.

No TV here so it's DVD watching. We started on the ones that Clive used to get with the Caravan and Motorhome Magazines that he got every month. We watched some on Far North Queensland where we will be going so interesting to see some of the high lights to look out for.

Fish and chips from the Roadhouse. Delicious.

Our next
free camp.

It's to the side
of the Servo.

Plenty of
space here.


My fish
and chips.

Sunset in